How it all started

Hiya everyone! i’ll start of by introducing myself, i’m Kia Kashmere, and i’m a makeup addict! this addiction started  about 5 years ago, when a friend of mine sent me a link to a makeup tutorial on youtube, i’ve been hooked ever since. for me makeup is just about having fun, its not to wear because we are insecure about the way we look, its an art form, we are able to use different colours and shades to create this look that better expresses who we are as people, and as individuals.

Being an individual is something that i feel really strongly about, this is one of the reasons why I love the beauty community, it thrives of individuality, allowing everyone to be true to themself and enjoying the person they were meant to be. its no fun just being a clone of someone else, so have fun and experiment with not only makeup but your clothes or even the way you wear your hair. for me I personally love experimenting with colours, trying different shades and tones to find what not only suits me but colours I like. its all just a bit of fun:)

 I’ve started this blogging page to write reviews on products that i’ve tried out myself, to do comparisons and dupes. Its all going to be a bit of fun, but also educational, why not share all this information that i’ve learned over the years, not only from youtube an other people blog post, but also my mum, she’s got plenty of her own little beauty tips. i’m sure she won’t mind if i share.

I don’t want to make this post too long as it is my first post and nothing too exciting, so i’ll leave it here for the time being, but keep an eye out for my next post, something a bit more exciting, I promise:)

4 thoughts on “How it all started

  1. Casey Marie says:

    can’t wait to see all your work through your website! I will be following your journey, wish you all the luck in the world!xxx

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